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Barbara & George H.W. Bush Convention Center

Midland, TX 


Wylie Civic Center

Wylie, TX 

Permian Sea Coral, split-faced, was used in a random ashlar pattern to compose at 750 foot long serpentine wall that connects 3 buildings. Sawn lintels and sills can also be seen across this building.

Cedar Hill Government Center

Cedar Hill, TX 

TexaStone Pink was installed on the exterior of the building. Splitface was used with cut to size sawn pieces at the parapet and mixed throughout the splitface.

Frisco City Hall

Frisco, TX 

Exterior is Hadrian splitface using sizes ranging from 24"x48"x5" to 4"x24"x4" with a total of 1,634 tons. Interior lobby sports 44,000 pieces of honed Hadrian.