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TexaStone Quarries Fabrication

Our fabrication facility is 56,000 square feet under one roof. New state-of-the-art equipment has been purchased to provide high production in all applications.

Park Industries Hydro Splitter
GMM Blitz 39 Saw
Cobblestone Tumbler
Breton Levibreton 3000 Polisher
2 W.F. Meyers Narrow Belt Saws
Park Industries 4500 Thin Veneer Machine
Fermac Shaping Machine
Wilson Wire Saw
Park Industries Infinity "S" Profiler
3 GMM Axia 38 Saws
Pellegrini Bushhammer
Breton Contour Five 1200 SHD
2 Omag Column/ Baluster Lathes
Park Industries Eagle II Block Saw
Montresor Lara 80 Bullnoser
Levi Tunisi Tile Splitter
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