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Sustainability at 

TexaStone Quarries

NSC 373 Sustainable Production of

Natural Dimension Stone 

In 2014, TexaStone Quarries  became the first company to certify to the standard, earning Gold level for quarrying and Silver level for fabricating. We continued to improve our operations and in 2017, we earned Platinum level certification in quarrying and fabricating. In 2020, we re-certified, earning Platinum as a fabricator and quarrier again. Below is more information regarding the ANSI/ NSC 373 Sustainability Standard. 

TexaStone Quarries Quarry Platinum print-36.png
TexaStone Quarries Fabrication Platinum print-35.png

The ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone was created to recognize and drive sustainability practices in the natural stone industry. The standard applies to quarriers and processors of natural dimension stone and offers criteria such as environmental, ecological, social responsibility and human health/safety parameters to follow. It is based on both required and optional point totals to achieve a certification level of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Monitoring of the standard’s criteria is done year-round with yearly audits from NSF and re-certification through a site visit every three years.

Recently, this standard has been recognized by the USGBC’s LEED v4 building certification program and ILFI’s Living Building Challenge version 3.1. This opens the door for design teams to utilize natural stone in their projects to reach their sustainability goals.

The Standard was developed by the Natural Stone Council, NSF International and Ecoform.

Our progress toward each of the following goals is updated annually.


     Our goal is to reduce energy consumption by 5% each year over the next five years. 


Waste: Excess Process

     Our goal is to reduce our waste by 2% each year over the next five years. 

11.4(F) EPM-Reduction 2022.png
11.4(Q) EPM-Reduction 2022.png

Waste: Solid

     Our goal is to reduce our waste by 2% each year over the next five years. 

The data below pertains to both our Processing and Quarrying operations. Any solid waste generated at a Quarry site is taken to the Processing facility and disposed of properly.

12.3(F) Solid Waste Reduction 2022.png
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